• Corporate & Commercial

    M Law has expertise in a wide range of commercial legal matters ranging from contracts to litigation with a particular focus on the digital sector.

  • Intellectual Property

    M Law specialises in intellectual property: trade marks, passing off, copyright and designs form the backbone of our work across industry sectors.

  • Tax

    M Law provides all level of tax advice, from individual and corporate tax planning through to the tax treatment of intellectual property and image rights.

  • Music

    M Law is experienced in contentious and non-contentious aspects of the music industry, from global tours and contract negotiation to publishing catalogue acquisition and sale and copyright disputes.

  • Broadcasting & Communication

    M Law advises on all aspects of broadcasting and digital carriage, including the delivery of voice, data and visual content via the internet, fixed and mobile telephony, television and radio.

  • Advertising

    M Law can provide advice from the germ of the idea through to clearance of the final piece; defend you against allegations of infringement of third party rights; and help you protect your own work.

  • Film & Television Production

    M Law has experience in all aspects of film and television production, financing and distribution. We have learned that our clients need simplification, not complication.

  • Privacy & Defamation

    M Law has a proven track record of acting swiftly to minimise the impact and repetition of libels, and to prevent adverse press.

  • Sport

    We advise on contracts and disputes relating to licensing and sponsorship, and offer expertise on issues of commercial confidence, privacy and defamation.

  • Private Client

    M Law offers confidential, bespoke advice to high net worth individuals, owner managers, families and trusts in relation to all wealth management and succession planning matters.


M Law LLP is a commercial law firm with an emphasis on entertainment and communications. The firm was set up in 2003 by lawyers then practicing in city law firms, who recognised that their clients' interests and specific needs, personal and financial, would be best served by a niche, industry-specific practice.

Areas of expertise include the internet and digital communications; print and broadcast media; music; film and television; sport; the law of privacy, confidence and libel; product design; advertising; litigation and dispute resolution; private client and wealth management.



Shared Parental Leave

07 November 2017

Back in 2015, when the Government introduced Shared Parental Leave (SPL) overwhelmingly it was a positive move. SPL allows parents to take blocks of leave between periods of work, rather than taking a whole chunk of leave in one period with parents able to share up to 50 weeks…

TV Formats & Copyright: What’s the X-Factor?

26 October 2017

The extent to which you can protect a TV format has long been a muddy area of UK law. The high profile spat between Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell was perhaps to decide - or at least provide guidance on - this area of law once and for all.…